[Tiny-tux] Fwd: [Noisebridge-discuss] Noisebridge Tiny-tux group, bridge to Hackerdojo

d p fenn weasel at meer.net
Tue Jan 4 00:38:15 UTC 2011

Le Jan 3, 2011 à 3:07 PM, miloh a écrit :

> Forwarding some info to Tiny-Tux List
> Also should be forwarded to Noisebridge-announce (Noisebridge-discuss
> is depreciated)...
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> From: miloh <froggytoad at gmail.com>
> It's a good time to mention that I set up a bin on a half-shelf for
> the Tiny Tux group.  It's a holding space for the whole group to use.
> Right now it has some of the old V1 chumbys in it, and the idea is to
> use it as a holding space for a group project(s),  more sample
> hardware that Tiny-tuxers can futz around with, and as a small amount
> of short-term holdover storage for tiny-tuxers who don't have storage
> space.

i have a couple of the chumby v1 bits laying around if people think they'd be usable/scavengeable. i got them off some guy for cheap after a trade show so they are pretty much waiting to be deflowered.


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