[Tiny-tux] Noisebridge Tiny-tux group, bridge to Hackerdojo

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Sun Jan 2 06:15:16 UTC 2011

Tiny-Tux is a Noisebridge peer group exploring hardware platforms compatible
with Embedded Linux and Android.  We seek to build a knowledge base robust
enough to make these platforms accessible to the DIY community for various
purposes.  We meet every Thursday evening at Noisebridge.  Open discussion
starts at 7PM, meeting at 8PM.  Once a month, our meeting coincides with
Noisebridge's "Five Minutes of Fame", an hour long show-and-tell session
starting at 8PM.


I am making Hackerdojo aware of this because we have a growing number of
Southbay members.  I want to get a sense of interest from HD to evaluate if
there is a large enough audience to warrant bridging these communities
either by setting up carpools, setting up teleconferencing, or alternating
locations.  I do not want to dilute our membership by having a split.
Instead, I want to find some middle ground.

So far we have explored Openembedded, Gentoo, and MeeGo as OS's, and
Gumstix, Beagleboard, Pandaboard, Chumby, PowerPC iMacs, Qemu, and x86 as
target hardware platforms.  Chumby is quickly becoming a hardware platform
of choice simply because the Insignia Infocast is cheap, accessible, and
well broken-out.

We have at least five members who may be better served by Hackerdojo's

Who else from Hackerdojo is interested in this group?  How might we bridge
our communities?

Coreyfro, Tiny-Tux's under-qualified leader
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