[Tiny-tux] a kind of tiny tux

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 23:22:34 UTC 2011

I have a new ASUS netbook using the AMD C-50 'brasos' 'APU'.  I'm installing
linux on it (debian wheezy, for now) and I was curious if anyone could
recommend better kernels to get hardware acceleration going...

The debian installer defaulting to the linux 2.6 bigmem kernel, but after
searching online, I'm going to try out the 2.6.39-2-amd64 kernel, based on
the heresay that 2.6.38 kernels and above have support for these amd/ati
fusion chips.

I'm looking at kernel.org for more info now, yow TMI.

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