[Tiny-tux] Raspberry PI & Teensy 3.0 - Cross Compilers

Amir Hassan amir at viel-zu.org
Fri Dec 21 20:54:39 UTC 2012


I just uploaded the pre-built toolchains i use for the Teensy 3.0 and

Raspberry PI to github.

1. Prebuilt gcc 4.7.3 for the raspberry pi (gnueabi hardfp)

You would like to write C/C++ code for the raspberry pi but compiling

natively takes too long?

You could build a cross compiler toolchain!

... or simply use the one i built.


Prerequisite: Linux x86_64 (libc6)

2. ArduinoIDE-GCC-4.6.2

Arduino IDE for the Teensy 3.0 with C++11 support (none-eabi hardfp)

The sole pupose of this repository is to host my fork of the Arduino IDE

for the Teensy 3.0 Why? I wanted C++11 support on the Teensy 3.0 (using an

ARM Cortex M4 with hard fp) and so i bundled the arduino ide with a

pre-built gcc-4.6.2 (https://launchpad.net/gcc-arm-embedded/+download).

auto, lambda, stl, boost ... :)


Prerequisite: Linux x86 (libc6)

have fun,


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