[Tiny-tux] Android Usability Workshop, for the user or the rooter: Feb 26th, 2012, 4pm, at Noisebridge

Corey McGuire coreyfro at coreyfro.com
Mon Jan 16 19:40:16 UTC 2012

First meeting, SUCCESS!

We had a moderful meeting with lots of conversations about the state of
Android, many anti-cloud/how-do-we-unplug musings, discussions about
application development, and phone lots of phone root/modding!

But the question everyone asked is, when are we doing it again?

So, mark your calendars!  Feb 26th, 2012, 4pm, at Noisebridge!

Writ large:

If you can't open it, you don't own it!  How many times have we heard or
read that?  Doubtless, we've heard it or read it on our most closed and
inaccessible possessions!   The contracts make us feel like we are renting,
software that serves the carrier more than the user, but they are ours and
they should operate under our terms.

So, I would like to propose that NoiseBridge host an "Android Usability
Workshop" event where people of all skill levels and personalization
commitments gather to truly make people feel at home with their devices.

I invite people to talk about:

   - Productivity
   - App selection
   - App development
   - Customization
   - Rooting
   - ROMs
   - Spyware, bloatware, nagware, and how to scrap it all
   - Skirting the the boundaries of the ELUA and getting what YOU want from
   YOUR device.

And a personal favorite of mine

   - Android as an embedded platform

Among other things, I would like people, before the event, to talk about
what they want out of their devices.  So, feel free to reply with how you'd
like to get the most out of your phone!
How can people help?

   - If you feel like a resource but are worried about becoming over
   committed, message me directly and we'll see if there are others with
   similar or complimentary skills so that no single person is left fielding
   all the interested users
   - Tastebridge, care to help FEED people?
   - Got some friends at Google working on Android?  Anyone from Motorola,
   HTC, Samsung, etc?  Have a club, a bag, and a locking trunk?  GOOD!  Kidnap
   them and drag them along!  We have ways to make them talk.
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