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Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sun Jun 14 21:07:59 UTC 2009

Repost of what I sent to the Noisebridge discuss list.

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/me cues up "The Final Count Down"

I would like to do this bike ride to Toor thing...


It's around 170 mile, I'm guessing covered in 3 - 4 days. Would anyone
else be interested?

Additionally, is anyone planning on driving up there early-ish, like the
weekend before? I can provide gas money, act as a second driver, and get
extremely angry if you attempt to pass the time with trivia games or
name that tune. Hoping the vehicle can accommodate my bicycle somehow.

Thanks for reading.

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

Rubin Abdi
rubin at starset.net

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