[Toorcamp] RV/caravan,etc.

grey artkiver at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 01:36:24 UTC 2009

So I've been looking into some sort of caravan.
This is a little complicated but let me outline where I'm at.

I'm moving out of my place in Oakland this month.  I'm also going to
toorcamp.  And I'm going to be giving my collection old video game consoles
to a friend in Portland on the way north.  So, since I need to be out by the
31st; and will need some space to load up boxes.  I was thinking of renting
a camper or RV or something.

I've done a bit of research; and Lost Campers looked perfect - but they're
booked.  California campers seems to have a track record of unreliable
vehicles; and while I found some other reasonable moving van type things - I
think I want more cush.  Cruise America looks like it has a larger RV
available from Oakland in that timeframe; and while I've heard mixed reviews
of them - it seems mostly to be an issue of cost.  It's around $1250 +
mileage expenses for the time I was planning to get it (June 30th - July
7th).  That's for their larger 7 seating vehicle.

I don't know how much will be taken up by boxes; but it should be a bit
roomier after portland....

Anyway I've got at least four people who are into coming along with me
already; wanted to see if this sounded of interest to anyone else.  I'll
probably be bearing the brunt of the bill - but if others wanted to chip in
I wouldn't refuse. ;)

I looked into a couple of buses too but they were all $1200-$1400 per DAY,

It seems like the cheapest option (moving van) is around $800 with all the
mileage; but no idea on seating in that or anything.

Anyway - does anyone else sound interested in this?  I probably won't
actually head up until the 31st and might get down by the 6th.  Of course
with enough people we could presumably trade off driving and get sleep and
make better time and cut things shorter! :)


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