[Toorcamp] RV/caravan,etc.

grey artkiver at gmail.com
Sun Jun 21 21:18:09 UTC 2009

As an update on this, RV is reserved.  One of the four has finals and won't
be riding up (hopefully riding back down though?).  So we'll have room for
errr at least three more people to come along up with us.  I suspect more
can chill use the kitchen or whatever during the camp though.
I've never used an RV before so I don't quite know how all this power
microwave stove sink shower toilet stuff works.  But apparently the closest
RV park is about 30 mins from the campsite so I hope at least maybe we can
use toilet and powerstuff at toorcamp and then shuttle off to empty tanks
and shower and whatever.  If you are an experienced RV'r your input might be
handy on the trip or at least while there. :)

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