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Mon Jun 22 22:49:56 UTC 2009

So it makes it a little harder to post and then get individual replies
asking the same questions; so at least as far as scheduling goes here's a
rough idea of what's going on:

The RV is reserved from the June 30th to July 7th.

That said, it's not necessary that the trip takes that long.

Here are some of my requirements for the trip: I need to load up the RV with
a bunch of stuff that I will be dropping off in Portland on the way to
Toorcamp.  So it will be a little crowded until we hit Portland, but
according to Google that's about a 10 hour drive from San Francisco.  I
estimate in an RV at RV speeds it will take a bit longer than that, but I
doubt more than 13-15 hours tops?

It sounds like there may also be a stop on the way to toorcamp in Seattle to
maybe pick up some vegan provisions and or extra people.

At some point (either before or after toorcamp) I think it'd be neat
to stop by the Museum of Communications in Seattle to show people who
haven't been how amazing it is.

Now, with all that said.  Toorcamp itself is just July 2nd through 5th.  I
can certainly understand if people want to keep their time outside of that
window to a minimum.

I would love to have driving in shifts so that we don't need to stop/sleep
while driving and thus make better time.  Apparently we can have up to 5
drivers?  The RV "sleeps" 7 supposedly (three to each bed one to a couch?)
but it makes sense to bring up camping gear an overly crowded RV doesn't
sound ideal for sleeping.  That said, I don't know how many people we can
-fit- in it.  It looks like 2-3 in the cab with seatbelts, and inside the
back... I imagine we could fit more than 7 in the thing; maybe not
comfortably or buckled in (but I don't really know about how many buckles
are in the back anyway).

However, at least until we stop in Portland and unload all my crap, it's
likely to be a little cramped.  I'll be doing my best to use the storage and
whatnot so as not to encroach on people space, but we probably shouldn't
overload too much on people going up.  I'm already expecting to have one
more person flying in for the weekend and riding back down with us.

But that said, current tentative (some less than others) roster of
interested people is:
kelly (only return trip)
Karsten (just to & from Seattle)
Daniel (maybe if scheduling works?)

So that's 8, we might be trying to load more on in Portland; but that's up
in the air at this point and may be that way until we're in Portland.  It
sounds like we're kinda close to capacity if everyone goes to being
definite. :)

That said, asm is flying into Seattle on the 2nd and renting a car.  It may
be possible for a person or two to catch a ride with him (CC'ing him, as
abysss at gmail); which might free up Karsten's spot.

Sorry for not replying piece meal to everyone.  I find mass communications
and realtime systems a bit handier for hammering stuff like this out; but
there are definitely still some unknowns and there may be even through the
trip. :)  But hopefully this gives you guys a better idea of the ballpark.
 Maybe more discussions could happen on #noisebridge or #toorcamp on
freenode irc?

And again, I'm happy to leave later than the 30th and get back before the
7th if people are willing to drive all day and night to minimize road time.

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