[Toorcamp] Vegan cooking

Sabrina sabrina at autopornography.com
Wed Jun 24 07:14:50 UTC 2009

How's about I commit to providing food for the first evening for...  
20 people?  Is that a good number?

I can make tofu buffalo wings and mashed potatoes with diced kale.   
It may take a few rounds of microwaving things to get them all hot,  
but it can work.

If someone else wants to do a salad or other raw veggie/healthy sort  
of thing, that's great, too.  (I prefer all of my foods deep fried  
and/or covered in gravy, but, whatever.)

Aestetix is staying with me the night of the 1st, and we're leaving  
separately in the morning around 9.  The vehicle I'm going in is  
packed, but he's going to see if he can bring a couple cubic feet of  
foodstuffs to the Noisebridge camp.  Unless Grey really wants to pick  
that stuff up between 7-9am on the 2nd?

It would be awesome if other pairs/teams wanted to commit to doing  
vegan dinner for an evening... hint... hint.


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