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Fri Jun 26 20:49:42 UTC 2009

Ok, so current roster is:
IC (Stephen) (we'll pick up from and return to PDX, or maybe he will come
all the way down to the bay and hang out for California Extreme?)
Soycow (Cameron) (we'll pick up from and return to PDX - we have a vegan
Kelly (only return trip)
Daniel (maybe if scheduling works? But only return trip)

Kartsen is welcome to join us in Seattle but it sounds like he & asm were
able to coordinate.

At any rate, that sounds like 5 people + all the crap I'm dropping off in
Portland until we hit PDX.  After PDX we'll have 7, but not all the crap we
just unloaded.  We might hit 8 after Seattle.  And on the way back, we could
have a max of 9, which will drop to 8 at Seattle, and 7 at most for the ride
back to SF.

I think that sounds like it should be pretty reasonable with maybe some
cramped times, but mostly within what sounds like the threshold of the RV.

So, any changes or clarifications let me know.

With that out of the way.  People have been asking about timing.

I think that with Jake only flying in on the 29th; and with me spending a
time loading up the RV and finishing moving on the 30th it probably makes
the most sense to leave either -late- on the 30th, or -early- on the 1st.
 I'm leaning towards the 1st right now.  For the return trip, I think it's
likely we will stay the night of the 5th and not shove off until the 6th.
 That said, if possible I think you people would get a kick out of stopping
at the museum of communication Seattle, so I will be trying to arrange an
appointment to visit if that sounds of interest (if it doesn't you're just
wrong and we'll try to go anyway ;).  Of course we'll also be stopping back
off in Portland as well.

The estimated trip time w/ google maps is about 10 hours from SF to PDX, 3
hours from PDX to SEA, and 3 hours from SEA to moses lake.  So 16 hours; but
I figure we should toss in a few more for RV speeds and stops of course as
well.  Estimated total travel time is closer to 20 hours?  The first talks
on the 2nd aren't until a bit after 1pm.  So I don't think we really need to
push it hard, and perhaps we could leave sort of late morning on the 1st?
 Even if it takes longer than 20 hours, we should still make it before the
first talk if we leave before noon on the 1st if that sounds amenable to

Ok, aside from that.  What can you do to help?

I'm happy to cover the cost of the RV itself.  I figure gas will be
expensive, so if maybe people want to take turns filling the tank that'd be
chill.  Other than that... groceries!
https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Grocerylist  I'll put a separate post for
that.  Errr, I dunno you guys are welcome to chip in more if you want; but
I'm not going to count on it even though no funds will be refused. ;)

What else?

Oh, if any of you want to help me pick up the RV on the 30th and load it up
with the video game console collection I'll be dropping off in PDX, extra
hands would be awesome. :)

Other than that - bring a pillow, toothbrushes, whatever you think you need
for camping stuff.  Chances are the RV might get too crowded for us all to
sleep in, so sleeping bags, tents whatever you thinks you'll need. :)

Is this sounding like a plan?  I think it is - though suggestions for
improvement are welcome!

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