[Toorcamp] Vegan grocery list for toorcamp

Sabrina sabrina at autopornography.com
Fri Jun 26 21:01:58 UTC 2009

If you can't find vegan marshmellows in the Bay Area, you can buy  
them at the nonprofit vegan store in Seattle, Sidecar for Pig's  
Peace.  They generally only have, I'd guess, 5-10 boxes in stock, so  
if you're looking for more than that, I could call and see if it's  
too late to order more that would be available Wednesday/Thursday.

If I were you RVers, I'd aim to get into Seattle before 4pm, and go  
to Wayward for vegan biscuits and gravy and stuff.  That is a few  
blocks from the vegan store, which is open until 8pm.  These are both  
closed Mondays, so it's your only chance to visit them.  Both os  
these will generally have in stock a small selection of *our* vegan  
donuts, or you can visit Might-O if you get here by 5pm, which isn't  
too far from the other vegan things, but far enough you can't walk.

About my food: will you be able to pick that up directly from me, or  
do I need to try and get Aestetix to deliver it to you?  The car I'm  
going in is packed, but he might be able to get room in the car he's  
riding in.  I'm leaving by 9am on the 2nd.


On Jun 26, 2009, at 1:52 PM, grey wrote:

> Add to it here:
> https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Grocerylist
> For srs.
> Notes: we'll only have stove top and microwave in the RV.  I'm sure  
> fires will be available too.  Ideally we can load up on stuff at  
> Rainbow in SF before leaving.  Perhaps picking stuff up from  
> Sabrina in Seattle, and we can of course add on things in PDX.  (I  
> hear thar be vegan donuts @ voodoo donuts!).
> But yeah, more than just sugar and marshmallows.  I clearly can't  
> feed a bunch of vegans if left to my own devices.
> -grey
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