[Toorcamp] Physical security at the campNoisebridge

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Tue Jun 30 07:23:13 UTC 2009

Joachim Pedersen wrote:
> My fellow toorcampers-
>      I was thinking there might be some interest in working together
> to guard our more expensive  toorcamp gear, ie. laptops, cameras,
> satellite communication systems, off grid energy collecting
> devices...etc... Has anyone else thought about this? Anyone interested
> in helping set up a secure location? Ideas? Rejections?

Generally, we trust everyone at camps like this to not to rob each
other. Many people have good luck with this model, sometimes a person or
two will lose a laptop. That's always a total bummer. At the very least,
make backups and bring a droptop.


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