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> Divide and I just got back to Seattle after helping out at Toorcamp
> for a couple of days.  We have a few important points to communicate
> about interacting with the environment at Toorcamp.
> Remember we are camping at a decommissioned missile silo.  They
> generally don't build missile silos in beautiful forest meadows or
> river valleys.
> 1.  The terrain is pretty harsh.  Without long pants and/or ankle high
> shoes, you will have very prickly burs stuck into your feet and ankles
> after a few minutes of walking around.  Sandals and shorts may be fine
> in the common areas and in cleared campsites, but if you want to walk
> around the site freely, bring long pants and boots.
> 2.  The sagebrush is thick in some areas and will need to be cleared
> before you set up camp.  Plan for about 20 minutes of brush clearing
> after you arrive and bring or borrow a set of work gloves for this.
> 3.  Staking your stuff down is very important.  The ground is made up
> of 3 inches of sand/dust followed by a thick shelf of small rocks.
> Regular tent stakes may not be enough to hold down things that can
> catch wind (which can gust up to 60mph, but normally gusts up to 30mph
> off and on during the day).  Besides your vehicle, the best way to
> secure your tents and shade structures is with 3/8 inch (no thicker) x
> 2 feet rebar.  Hammer it in at a 45 degree angle away from your
> structure and then tie guy lines to it.  Make sure to hang something
> visible from your guy lines so that people do not walk into or trip on
> them.
> Note:  if you don't have time/space to get rebar, there will be rebar
> to purchase from the camp store
> 4.  Protect your gear from dust.  Cars and wind kick a lot of dust
> into the air.  Make sure to store sensitive equipment in a safe place/
> container, especially while you are not using it.  It is amazing how
> much dust will settle in your car if you leave it parked at your
> campsite with the window open all day.
> 5.  Prepare for the weather.  This is eastern Washington desert.
> Bring sunblock, chapstick, hat, sunglasses etc.  Also, it gets down to
> about 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night, so make sure to bring a warm
> coat.  A headlamp would be useful too, as the ground is very uneven,
> and you may have to walk a little ways to get to a porta-potty at
> night.
> If there is something your don't have/can't get in time, there are
> large stores about 30 minutes away in Moses Lake.  In addition, many
> necessities are stocked at the Toorcamp store.
> Also, don't let these warnings discourage you.  The site is actually
> really cool, despite the environment being a bit rough.  We just
> wanted to give you a few tips so you can be as comfortable as possible
> while you are camping.
> Divide and I will be back at the Toorcamp site on Wednesday evening.
> Feel free to flag us down if you have any questions about your camp
> setup or placement.
> Cheers,
> Jacqueline
> P.S.  Please forward this information to others who are not on this
> list
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