[Toorcamp] consenso radios

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri Aug 3 04:55:23 UTC 2012

John has acquired 22 tiny FM radio receivers from Urban Ore.

These should be hotglued inside 22 Consenso hats in a way that the wearer 
can position the earbud in their ear.  It should be okay to put the radio 
inside the hat so you have to take it off to switch it on and set the 
channel, but whatevs.

I will provide an FM radio transmitter which will beam the voice of 
consenso (running on horsy) into the heads of all hat wearers.  Brian will 
configure Consenso to speak whatever is sent to him as a text message.

These radios use a CR2032 battery which is surely dead in all of them.
Fortunately on top of the hack shelves there are plastic trays full of 
3-volt lithium batteries which are still good and larger capacity than the 
CR2032.  They look like this:


The radios are in a Walgreens bag on the member shelf which is all the way 
in the back on the left on the bottom.  Kelly and audrey's shelf.  They 
are in 22 small white boxes.

if someone with sufficient skill wants to start wiring these radios for 
the batteries we have (i object to buying new CR2032's) then we should 
start to be on our way toward Consensus.


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