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Rubin Abdi rubin at starset.net
Sun Aug 5 07:21:58 UTC 2012

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So first off, boy do we have a mother fucking ambitious camp going on.
Those of us who've gone to hacker camps before and have seen the crazy
shit others have setup have so many ideas we want to get off the
ground. It's really easy for us to just get consumed in trying to
prepare and get things ready and burning our selves out in an effort
to make Toorcamp perfect, that sometimes we drop focus on the fact
that this is all for fun.

So in my best Burning Man daddy voice, please don't stress if one of
your 300 project ideas don't work, let it go, enjoy yourselves.
Regardless of what happens, by our group simply being there together,
this'll be an awesome fun camp (just add whiskey).

Jobs! If you're camping with PR0N, please sign up for a job! We still
need people to dedicate themselves for tare down and post event shit.


I imagine some of you are still looking for rides. If you haven't
already done so go poke the main official Toorcamp mailing list...


I'm guessing some parts of the ride up or over from Seattle will have
no cell service. Prepare by downloading/getting maps, and if you're
smart please keep a first aid kit with you (I hope the bus already has

The current forecast for that weekend shows highs in the mid 60s and
lows in the lower 50s, mostly overcast. If you're white (which I think
is everyone but me and Gnusosa) please please please set aside some of
your favorite sun screen, a good hat, and a nice pair of sun glasses
into your packing shit for Toorcamp pile now. If you're smart, bug
spray might be a good idea too.

Some photos of the camp grounds showed up from a few weeks ago, it
looks sort of muddy in certain places, you've been warned.

Carports carports carports. These need to be picked up tomorrow,
American Steel, end of bay 8. Those of you who have my number can call
me and I'll put you in touch with whoever is working out of the shop then.

And remember, we're going to be fucking excellent, even if it kills us.

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