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miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 21:27:29 UTC 2012

Big update with lots of points. Follow to links to look at pretty
pictures, but come back and absorb the soylent details.

I see 17 republicans set to camp at the People's Republic of
Nosebridge: https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Toorcamp_2012
I know there's a couple more who haven't signed up yet.  Go there and
sign up for camp duties!

bumpn this piratepad link that Isis set up for the Bus.
See more about the occubus below

If you are flying in, arrange your flight into SEATAC for the morning
of the 8th and carpool a airport rideshare out to the site together:

In between games of Go at Noisebridge yesterday, drWeidinger made some
preliminary PRON t shirts:


I've arranged for Noisedome to return to toorcamp this year.  I'm
picking it up in a week, and I'll just check it out and make sure all
the parts are there.

I love this photo of the dome

This flickr slideshow shows dome construction from the first Toorcamp:

I've also been planning for the Tower of Consenso.  That's this thing
that's 23 feet tall (without mast), with the travel core of consenso
hanging inside, and a lighthouse thing on top.
this is a scale model that fits on your head:

I need help with funding the tower.  It's standard construction EMT
(electrical metallic tubing) with a waterproof shell built in strips
(like in the reference photo). It's about $900 for the dome.  EMT at
$400, hardware fasteners for under $100 and fabric at about $500. The
dome has 1536sq.feet of area and a yard of 48" fabric is 12sq.Ft.  At
$4 a yard (high estimate), that's about $500 for a good cover.  That
doesn't include awesome lights.  Lighting it up will be more.

The consenso travel core is another issue. For consenso, I've
discussed plans to build a raw framework out lasercut parts and the
microrax isocahedron at noisebridge. It will hang from the tower top
and spin slowly in the dark.  Slip rings will allow for power through
the hangpoint and communications/control jacks will be available at
the base of the dome . People will be able to jack in, program, and
automate the travel core as much as we can make possible. At the
moment the parts will be scraped together from what I have on hand in
electronics (audio, light, sensors), and microcontrollers.  We need
folks with ideas and more equipment to incorporate to pitch in.  Come
and hash it out some more at Noisebridge tonight. Can I get individual
supporters to help with the cost of these structures?

A few of us visited the 'OccuBus' last night.  It was um, well, lets
say it was interesting. The Motor sounded good and it started right
up, then left in a cloud of diesel.  Lots of space for our crap and
for noisemaggots to occupy.

Things to hash out take up by bus or toorcamp palletteers:

* the car ports (what's the volume of these parts?)
* noisekitchen foodstuffs and equipment
* tables
* metal parts for the two camp structures (48cubic feet in a flat
4x6x2 rectangle X2)
* tarps and covers and carpet bases for the above structures (likely
equal to the above)
* mcHawking and consenso
* hackerspaces in a box
* music equipment box
* toolbox for construction (a couple cordless 18v drills with sockets
do wonders to build a dome)
* ladder?
* tent/bag supplies for flyers travelling light

-r. miloh alexander

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