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ongoing threads about SCUBA at toorcamp. I'm loving this

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So as someone who dives in Vancouver & area I just want to be clear
that you guys know what you're getting into if you're only used to
diving in warmer waters on holidays and such.

The water is fucking cold here. I've never gone into the water here in
a wetsuit, but I've done dives with a friend who didn't have his dry
suit training and he was definitely doing the conserve heat self hug
=) You'd better have some good fat on you if you plan on doing more
than one dive. I wear 3 layer polar fleece with a trilam dry suit.
Don't rent a dry suit if you aren't trained in it, I had a friend who
was trained almost die.

Visibility is typically pretty shitty, but those site reports sound
promising although old. I'd definitely recommend bringing lights since
it can be cloudy for the first 20-50' and be fairly dark below. I have
a pretty beefy canister light I'd be willing to lend out if someone
promises to baby it.

I'd come but I hate shore dives, surface swimming sucks =)  Don't let
me scare you off - there's some spectacular diving in this area, just
want to be sure you know what you're getting into.

Sai: You should try scuba diving, I'm similar in that I tend to panic
if I get water in my face. As part of the training you need to take
your mask off under water, put it back on and then clear it by
exhaling out your nose to fill it with air. Other than that or if your
mask breaks or something, you're all good. It's loads of fun though.

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