[Toorcamp] ongoing thread! Fwd: [ToorCamp] Re: Scuba?

Shadow shadow at overdrawn.net
Mon Jul 30 05:47:40 UTC 2012

That was actually my reply =)

I'm working out the details to bring my foosball table, is the camp 
going to have power? It takes 12v dc and I haven't measured the draw, 
but I'm sure I can figure something out if it needs to run on battery.

Other than that, I just need a space to set it up and some way to keep 
it covered in case it rains or something (I'll bring tarps + ropes). 
It's also a heavy bitch so will need some help unloading it + 
reassembling, since I think I have to pull the rods to fit it in my car.

Wonder what customs is going to think....

On 7/29/2012 10:38 PM, miloh wrote:
> ongoing threads about SCUBA at toorcamp. I'm loving this
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> So as someone who dives in Vancouver & area I just want to be clear
> that you guys know what you're getting into if you're only used to
> diving in warmer waters on holidays and such.
> The water is fucking cold here. I've never gone into the water here in
> a wetsuit, but I've done dives with a friend who didn't have his dry
> suit training and he was definitely doing the conserve heat self hug
> =) You'd better have some good fat on you if you plan on doing more
> than one dive. I wear 3 layer polar fleece with a trilam dry suit.
> Don't rent a dry suit if you aren't trained in it, I had a friend who
> was trained almost die.
> Visibility is typically pretty shitty, but those site reports sound
> promising although old. I'd definitely recommend bringing lights since
> it can be cloudy for the first 20-50' and be fairly dark below. I have
> a pretty beefy canister light I'd be willing to lend out if someone
> promises to baby it.
> I'd come but I hate shore dives, surface swimming sucks =)  Don't let
> me scare you off - there's some spectacular diving in this area, just
> want to be sure you know what you're getting into.
> Sai: You should try scuba diving, I'm similar in that I tend to panic
> if I get water in my face. As part of the training you need to take
> your mask off under water, put it back on and then clear it by
> exhaling out your nose to fill it with air. Other than that or if your
> mask breaks or something, you're all good. It's loads of fun though.
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