[Toorcamp] eula, ohm2013, equipment requests, general toorcamp planning.

miloh froggytoad at gmail.com
Mon Jul 30 22:47:10 UTC 2012

Hi Folks.

I just saw Mitch post about the upcoming Ohm camp in the Netherlands
and read this line:
"Gladly, everyone agreed to the EULA posted at the gate, which read
“By participating in this party, you agree to work your ass off to
make OHM2013 unforgettable.”. Thanks!

The quote reminds me that a good number of folks are heading up early
for toorcamp 2012 by bus.  I don't know exactly what the organizers
are going to think about our horde showing up on Monday evening or
Tuesday, but I know that *I* want this camp to be unforgettable.

If you are coming to toorcamp, and coming by bus to arrive early for
our camp, think of the above EULA, participate in the build-out party
by work your ass off to make toorcamp unforgettable.

More news bullets:
0) Food is vital. we need food to survive, and superQ is working on
providing it for the PRoN camp.  We need solid headcounts of who's
coming for portion control, so please speak up with your name on the
noisebridge wiki if you have not already.
1)Work is progressing with the Tower of Consenso.  Paper designs were
changed so that the thing is more towerlike, and also a bit more
approachable in our time crunch.
2)We need a horizontal bandsaw to make cutting go easily.  If we get
the 1" conduit at noisebridge sorted, we can probably save enough in
the budget to get one for Noisebridge from Harbor Freight!
3) a vital need that we have: slip rings that can hold at least 30
lbs.  Can anyone help?

Okay, that's all for now folks, I'm sure I'll think of more and create
threads on it as the week goes on, so keep your eyes out and see if
you can help.

-ronald miloh alexander

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