[tor] EFF tweet about noisetor

Michael C. Toren mct at toren.net
Tue Aug 16 11:50:00 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 03:23:20PM -0700, Micah Lee wrote:
> Hi! It seems like EFF wants to tweet about the Noisebridge Tor Project.


> Do you think it would make sense to do it now, or wait until the
> infrastructure is more built-up and people can immediately sponsor a
> node when the see the tweet?

Leif and I are sitting in a cafe in Berlin debating this now, and a little
torn.  On the one hand, it would be awesome to build on the momentum we
have going, and have EFF tweet about it now.  On the other hand, it would
also be awesome if we could flesh out the website a little bit more (to
add a "recurring donation" PayPal button), get our first node up, etc.  I
would say if we could hold off for now, that'd be cool.  But we'll likely
be ready to have you tweet very shortly. :-)



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