[Noisebridge WebDev] JavaScript Class, Array Methods in ECMAScript 5

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Sat Nov 9 22:24:18 UTC 2013

>From yesterday's class, here are three assignments:

We diverged into prototype chain yesterday when discussing about how to
call Array.prototype.slice on a host object NodeList.

4.2.1 Objects

Every object created by a constructor has an implicit reference (called the
object’s prototype) to the value of its constructor’s “prototype” property.
Furthermore, a prototype may have a non-null implicit reference to its
prototype, and so on; this is called the prototype chain. When a reference
is made to a property in an object, that reference is to the property of
that name in the first object in the prototype chain that contains a
property of that name. In other words, first the object mentioned directly
is examined for such a property; if that object contains the named
property, that is the property to which the reference refers; if that
object does not contain the named property, the prototype for that object
is examined next; and so on.
That "and so on" requires reading another section: Section 15.


Unless otherwise specified every built-in prototype object has the Object
prototype object, which is the initial value of the expression
as the value of its [[Prototype]] internal property, except the Object
prototype object itself.

Object prototype is where the prototype chain ends.
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