ZinesFromOuterSpace An experiment in linguistic fluidity / conversion algorithm needed

glamortramp at riseup.net glamortramp at riseup.net
Sat Apr 28 09:19:40 UTC 2012

I've invented a new code language called ZLang and I want to be able to
convert English into ZLang with the click of a button.

Can someone help or point me to some links, or possibly provide the sort
of algorithm (or logarithm? I'm over my head) I would need to make that
conversion possible?

It's complicated, I suppose, by the fact that it's not always an easy,
letter-for-letter conversion; some English sounds (notably th, sh, ch) are
represented by a single letter in ZLang, and vice versa. Here's the
decryption key link if anyone's interested.


It's already gone through a great deal of permutation and will probably go
through more. There's a fluidity to it: most of the time, there is more
than one letter or sound in ZLang that can be used to answer the English
sound. That leaves a certain amount of room for bending the rules or
choosing between different alternatives according to one's own aesthetic
sense of how a word should look, or what's necessary in order to allow
smooth pronunciation. I arrived at that after early version of ZLang that
were too rigid & resulted in unpronounceable or aesthetically deficient
words & sentences.

You could say it's an experiment in linguistic fluidity, or a less
"autocratic" form of language. I'm not sure I would say that.....but you



Glam......or tramp?

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