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Tue Apr 24 08:04:21 UTC 2012

On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 1:46 PM, Leif Ryge <leif at synthesize.us> wrote:
On 04/22/2012 12:40 AM, Tony Longshanks LeTigre wrote:
> For those age 45 and over only.....
> http://zine.noisebridge.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Zx0068.jpg

Hey, afaict that is all correct info about the logo... nice researching!

Except, one correction: you spelled Jake's last name wrong. It's Appelbaum.
If there is still time to correct that before printing, it would be nice.

Looking forward to reading issue 2,

Name corrected!
Thanks for that.

We're printing Wednesday. I found out earlier the printer we were going to
borrow today will print 'with spots & lines.'
Putting this thing together w/ no resources is kind of like running a
marathon....on an obstacle course....blindfold.
I hear Costco offers cheap printing, but don't you have to be a member?
It'd be so much easier to make ZiP online-only, but it's got to be in
print, too. No one's going to read 60 pages on a computer screen.

Including me.

I'll have it all done & available by the end of the week, if I drop dead
the second after!


PS One thing I'm unveiling is a new code language that I've....ahem, that
Whimzy and I have spent a truly insane amount of time developing of late.
It started as a simple rot13 type letter-substitution thing, but has grown
far more blood-curdlingly complex. Here's a sneak preview of it. This is
the intro message to ZiP02. The transliteration key will be posted on ZZZ
soon....this weekend probably.

I'll give you one word....Wrëangislag is 'Noisebridge." The w is silent, as
in English write; the e is long (ee) and pronounced separately from the a,
the a's are pronounced like a in apple, not fall (phonetically an ae sound
I believe); both gs are hard (g not j), so you end up pronouncing it
something like 'ree yang iss lag' . I think that's a pretty kickass name!

(I'm going to forward this to the zine list since it's apropos.)

‡blöndarbing ~ WRËANGISLAG

//yowzid ny gwuðnil 2 ip GNaTH <hä `jÿto zjun hiyp spanvilid ein key ny
loom GNVURB sä rey>/ xi knoot ip GNaTH.02 ang urelzov orotu/ hä `kwiel vÿ
hä kum wrinjambo ny myyaj `ud/ Ʒi vimbil-yring el `ödzerdathiv/ hä thülov
wrÿyin urelzov ying : hä kum ny kup yir ip jot ozid`wür ad ny tö/ hä djav
kuspirn bendil uroyin dy ozidwuur orotu/ hä`t bëambi ny `jÿto an töring
spötuuv orwitov/ und urö luun ~ swöng maalyozj ew zitswuurding ny xi
gwanliyar : hä eervö moov yax pur tüv ~ pwunjolov ~ slü`g~urn slaathing//

//ming RICHARD STALLMAN dnav ylaan zeem/ yin ming kö knarz ip LYNGTHǛLOV
SAE/ kyor yav xi ZEEM KȪLË daan bond andi rozdin tügwil ithnuud/ yin ang
xi OPP mÿambi ny slëdozj ei` magladiv splömid/ yin ang xi wömbiv `numad ar
xi ID ip swurding jun zerdür Ʒi djaazimovaz zetseyrin MTN/ kyül zur hä
paarmi thëlmi`vaan bleed nozdin urn atigwing lövuudambi ny orotung/ yin
useid këlidzeething pël kuzzyling/ xi urdyiling ny ev xöng zyodgwiring ~
urn turov teel zyodgwiring xur yö kup urdyiling ny ~ yav sö peyrim yankar
xöng thügling//

gnöring pëlyospil ~
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