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Anthony LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Sat Mar 3 01:28:17 UTC 2012

On 3/3/2012 6:35 AM, Max Rosenblum wrote:
> Yes! And why not this issue?

Well, there were only 5 or 6 of us at the meeting Thursday, and we've 
got a lot on our plate. Some will inevitably fall off.
Have you all checked out the file I shared that shows all the 
contributions & articles projected for ZiP02?
Originally the file was named ZiP02 content & contributors, now changed 
to *ZiP02 Flowchart.*
Check it out! If you didn't get an invite, let me know and I'll re-send it.
It'd be great if everyone could take a look, correct if necessary, 
add/delete as appropriate. Especially those (like Max) who haven't been 
at the planning meetings. (You're always busy Thursday evening, is that 
right Max?)
I've already started on the layout. 60 pages like before, but slightly 
larger & more square shaped this time, since we're using legal size 
paper. Each page 8" high by 7.5" wide. Let's see how we like this format.

A few things:

Daniel Jabbour & possibly a couple others are going to write up 
psychedelics / hallucinogens for this issue.
Martin Mackerel is considering writing a response to David Graeber's 
"Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology."
I'm asking VonGuard if he'll provide ongoing coverage of Games, since 
Alex Peake (originally games editor) is clearly too busy. (But hopefully 
he'll write an occasional guest piece!)
I'm meeting with my friend Oshan at Om Shan Tea today before I come to 
Noisebridge. He's the subject of my essay /Oshan at Evergreen/, but we 
may have to wait until ZiP03 to publish that, due to the sensitive 
nature of his trial (July 23rd is the date). I've temporarily taken the 
file of my essay down for that reason.
Who wants to interview Jim or do an article on him and his work in the 
classroom, the punk band he's apparently in, etc? He and Tatiana are the 
two Noisebridgers lined up to profile in this issue. I can probably do 
Tatiana's interview, but it'd be nice to have a third wheel as note-taker.
I'm going to Noisebridge today to help David brew yerba matte beer. 
Going to NB again tomorrow to check out the Ayahuasca thing & then 
attend the Agency Salon @ Langton Labs. I still need someone to attend 
the whole Ayahuasca thing & write it up for ZiP. I have to leave early 
for the salon. Daniel can't write up his own event.
I'm going to be at NB again Monday to meet with Michel, the French dude 
who requested an interview for the sociological study of hackerspaces 
he's writing. In return I'm going to see if I can get something from him 
for ZiP02.
And I'm attending the Represent Yourself hackathon in mid March....
And I may take notes at the next general meeting....
And I may finally become a full-fledged, dues-paying Noisebridge member 
- by this time next month!
I designed a ZiP business card. Attached. Whatcha think?
*Everyone please look at the ZiP02 Flowchart* (Google Doc) - let me know 
if you can't access it - and note *everything that's highlighted in that 
peachy color needs to be adopted!* If it already has one author, it 
could use more. (I like covering things from different angles.) I can do 
some but not all.
Can anyone think of a fun way to encode / encrypt a couple pages of this 
issue to make it fun for readers to decode? I think we should start 
doing that in every issue.



PS I decided I don't like the term ZiPsters. I changed it to *ZiPPers* 
on the web site. Is that better? A little bit?


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