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Can I get an editable file of the business card?  I can print them
myself and hand them to people when I do stuff for ZiP.

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 5:28 PM, Anthony LeTigre
<anthonyletigre at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 3/3/2012 6:35 AM, Max Rosenblum wrote:
> Yes! And why not this issue?
> Well, there were only 5 or 6 of us at the meeting Thursday, and we've got a
> lot on our plate. Some will inevitably fall off.
> Have you all checked out the file I shared that shows all the contributions
> & articles projected for ZiP02?
> Originally the file was named ZiP02 content & contributors, now changed to
> ZiP02 Flowchart.
> Check it out! If you didn't get an invite, let me know and I'll re-send it.
> It'd be great if everyone could take a look, correct if necessary,
> add/delete as appropriate. Especially those (like Max) who haven't been at
> the planning meetings. (You're always busy Thursday evening, is that right
> Max?)
> I've already started on the layout. 60 pages like before, but slightly
> larger & more square shaped this time, since we're using legal size paper.
> Each page 8" high by 7.5" wide. Let's see how we like this format.
> A few things:
> Daniel Jabbour & possibly a couple others are going to write up psychedelics
> / hallucinogens for this issue.
> Martin Mackerel is considering writing a response to David Graeber's
> "Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology."
> I'm asking VonGuard if he'll provide ongoing coverage of Games, since Alex
> Peake (originally games editor) is clearly too busy. (But hopefully he'll
> write an occasional guest piece!)
> I'm meeting with my friend Oshan at Om Shan Tea today before I come to
> Noisebridge. He's the subject of my essay Oshan at Evergreen, but we may
> have to wait until ZiP03 to publish that, due to the sensitive nature of his
> trial (July 23rd is the date). I've temporarily taken the file of my essay
> down for that reason.
> Who wants to interview Jim or do an article on him and his work in the
> classroom, the punk band he's apparently in, etc? He and Tatiana are the two
> Noisebridgers lined up to profile in this issue. I can probably do Tatiana's
> interview, but it'd be nice to have a third wheel as note-taker.
> I'm going to Noisebridge today to help David brew yerba matte beer. Going to
> NB again tomorrow to check out the Ayahuasca thing & then attend the Agency
> Salon @ Langton Labs. I still need someone to attend the whole Ayahuasca
> thing & write it up for ZiP. I have to leave early for the salon. Daniel
> can't write up his own event.
> I'm going to be at NB again Monday to meet with Michel, the French dude who
> requested an interview for the sociological study of hackerspaces he's
> writing. In return I'm going to see if I can get something from him for
> ZiP02.
> And I'm attending the Represent Yourself hackathon in mid March....
> And I may take notes at the next general meeting....
> And I may finally become a full-fledged, dues-paying Noisebridge member - by
> this time next month!
> I designed a ZiP business card. Attached. Whatcha think?
> Everyone please look at the ZiP02 Flowchart (Google Doc) - let me know if
> you can't access it - and note everything that's highlighted in that peachy
> color needs to be adopted! If it already has one author, it could use more.
> (I like covering things from different angles.) I can do some but not all.
> Can anyone think of a fun way to encode / encrypt a couple pages of this
> issue to make it fun for readers to decode? I think we should start doing
> that in every issue.
> Glamortramp
> PS I decided I don't like the term ZiPsters. I changed it to ZiPPers on the
> web site. Is that better? A little bit?
> --
> TLongshanksLT
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