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Wed Mar 7 17:42:45 UTC 2012

Oh! Did you subscribe to the zine mailing list? I thought I forgot to Cc
you. Maybe not. Glad to hear you're in....as for length, I'd say it's up
to you - anywhere from the same length as last time (2 pages) to 5 pages
is acceptable. (And bear in mind the pages will be somewhat larger this
time - to be exact, ZiP02 pages will be 8.5" x 7" vs. 8.5" x 5.5" for
ZiP01.) The thing is, I need to know asap how many pages to reserve for
you as I am currently mocking up the layout.

That goes for everyone btw! So I'm copying the whole list. I'll reiterate
it at the meeting for those who don't read or respond to email. Ever.
(Sorry about my blowup about it the other day, but it does hit breaking
point once in awhile....when someone puts one too many straws on this
camel's back.)

Speaking of layout: the biggest thing remaining to figure out (now that we
have our Submit* & Donate buttons on the front page of ZZW!
http://zine.noisebridge.net) is a way to make the layout-in-progress
available for contributors to view -- or possibly edit -- online,
communally. I don't know how to do that. Maybe it's not possible, since
the image files we're talking about our so large. (I use TIFs for the
layout, mostly....even a single TIF file can exceed the maximum 2MB upload
quota currently on ZZW.) Maybe there's a non-ZZW solution we'll have to
check into. I can post the Photoshop file of the layout, but I don't think
that will do any good, unless y'all have all the corresponding files on yr
computer for it to link to.

(*Note that I added Submissions Guidelines to the Submit page.)

Let us ponder together.....as Whimzy would say.

One more thing: I've created a new notation for the hexdigit pagination:
it's /x and will precede all ZiP page numbers. It just stands for
"hexdigit page #" and the reason it's necessary is because we need to
differentiate between hex and decimal page numbers, since the number 20
means something different in hex vs. dec. Also there are the letter digits
in hex. The cool thing about this page number system (props to Miloh for
the original Hex suggestion!) is that every single page of ZiP will have
one easily identifiable unique designator - it's a kind of shorthand, or
code, I suppose. Then I'm using 0 for the covers, with a plus sign + for
front and minus sign - for back, followed by the issue number. And for the
sake of convention/consistency/non-confusion, can we agree to use CAPITAL
letters for the letter hexdigits from here on out? Cool, I hope so. It's
not even necessary to put the issue/chapter number in front of the page
number, since pagination is continuous from one chapter to the next. But
it will be helpful to do since since we are unlikely to remember how many
pages each issue had. Here are some examples of the beauty of the the
system I'm developing:

/x0+1 : Front cover of ZiP01
/x0-2 : Back cover of ZiP02
/xA   : Page A (which is in ZiP01)
/x3   : Page 3 (from ZiP01 - there will never be another page 3 in all of
/x3B  : Page 3B (first page of ZiP02)

And so it goes
I've also developed a classification system using Zine Identification
Numbers (ZINs), illustrated thus:

ZiP01.2foLET.2012Q1.7DC - catalog no. for ZiP01
ZiP02.2foLEG.2012Q2.NRKNMA - catalog no. for ZiP02

LET = Letter size paper
LEG = Legal size paper
fo = folio, the style of printing; can also be indicated with degree sign
(circle superscript) as used for temperatures

Thats all for now


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