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glamortramp at riseup.net glamortramp at riseup.net
Sat Mar 10 06:00:16 UTC 2012

Nice meeting last night - chaotic but inspiring as usual. I love the
"print shop." My new home base at Noisebridge. I'm laser cutting a ZiP
sign to post on the wall. Staking out a little niche for us.

This morning I drafted the complete list of contents of ZiP02! I will be
sharing it w/ y'all as a Google doc momentarily. Please take a look. We're
looking pretty full already, in fact there's a bunch of stuff left out. If
you're planning to contribute something that's not listed here, you gotta
let me know asap.

Keep in mind the deadline for SUBMISSIONS - not proposals or queries,
actual copy - is next Thursday, March 15th.

I'd like to have a zine planning meeting early that day - 6pm, in the
print shop - so we can all be done in time for 5 Minutes of Fame at 8pm.
I'm contemplating an announcement of some kind we could make, since that
event is always big & well attended.

After that, we have 2 weeks to put ZiP02 together. I propose a
fortnight-long layout party at Noisebridge. I'll try to be available &
present in the space as much as possible, on a more or less daily basis,
during that period, so anyone who wants can come in & work with me/us on
the layout. We'll make it as communal as possible. Doesn't that sound fun?
We can make pizza too......if the kitchen ever gets restored. (Wasn't that
supposed to happen a couple days ago?)

I went ahead & sent my interview request to Stallman without asking for
copy editing. Sometimes I'm impulsive like that. It'd be great if he
accepts. It'd be cool if he gives another talk on March 18th, too - that's
my barfday. I will be turning 24!

In Hexdigits.

Speaking of.....based on discussions over the past few days, I've revised
the ZiP pagination. From now on in perpetuity, standard ZiP page format
will adhere to this template:


i.e. Zx = ZiP page
There are 4 digits for the page number
You'll see this in action in the ZiP02 layout
The 4 digit range means we could theoretically go all the way to FFFF,
which is 65,535
If we assume issues of ZiP are always 58 pages like the first one was,
that would allow approximately 1,129 issues
After that ZiP will have to morph into something else I suppose.....


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