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I'm totally wrong about that.
Blood-sugar must be low.
Actually, we're over charging!
We should be selling ZiP for $2.88 per copy.
Maybe we'll have to start making it entirely by hand to save print costs!

I would like to do one issue where the cover is a stencil that we then
elaborate or add to by hand, so that every single cover is a monoprint
(i.e. unique), and costs nothing to produce except the price of the paper
we make it on. That'd be cool.

On Mon, Mar 12, 2012 at 4:50 PM, <glamortramp at riseup.net> wrote:

> Damn, here's the info for the last issue of Monochrom (2010) from
> http://www.monochrom.at/mono/monochrom26-34/
> However, note that at the rate they charge ($24.00USD for 500 pages) we're
> selling ZiP cheap: by that rate a 60-page copy of ZiP would cost $12.50USD
> monochrom #26-34
> Ye Olde Self-Referentiality
> 500 pages, 1.9 kilograms
> 18 euros / 24 us-dollars
> ISBN (Europe) 978-3-9502372-6-9
> Order via: monochrom / Abebooks (US) / Alibris (UK/US) / Amazon (DE)
> Hard to believe, but monochrom #26-34 is out!
> Release tour:
> March 11, 2010 @ MUSA in Vienna
> April 2, 2010 @ Videotage in Hong Kong
> April 16, 2010 @ Machine Project in Los Angeles
> April 21, 2010 @ Noisebridge in San Francisco
> April 27, 2010 @ The Nuyorican Poets Cafe in New York City
> May 29, 2010 @ The Model in Sligo/Ireland
> June 7, 2010 @ Forum Stadtpark in Graz
> July 3, 2010 @ Department of Volxvergnuegen in Munich
> July 10, 2010 @ Petit Café Campus (as part of REcon) in Montréal
> October 23, 2010 @ Sonica 2010 in Ljubljana
> November 13, 2010 @ HBC in Berlin
> December 16, 2010 @ Urban ReThink in Orlando, Florida
> WTF is monochrom print?
> monochrom is a magazine object appearing in telephone book format, which
> is published by the art/tech group of the same name. monochrom came into
> being in the mid-1990s as a fanzine for cyberculture, science, theory,
> cultural studies and the archaeology of pop culture in everyday life. Its
> collage format is reminiscent both of the early DIY fanzines of the punk
> and new wave underground and of the artist books of figures such as Dieter
> Roth, Martin Kippenberger and others. With a great deal of forced
> discontinuity, a cohesive potpourri of digital and analog subversion is
> pressed between the covers of monochrom. Each issue is an unnostalgic
> amalgam of 125 years of Western counterculture cocked, aimed and ready to
> fire at the present. It is a Sears catalog of subjective and objective
> irreconcilability -- the Godzilla version of the conventional coffee table
> book.
> monochrom #26-34 Content
> Screws and astronauts. Roundworms and Columbia. Cannibalism at sea.
> Conlanging 101. The basic mechanisms of New Economy and Neoliberalism. The
> sketchy world of Elffriede. The status of martial law. RFID. Henry the
> Halibut. Rieseberg and the emergence of work. Dracula (a poem).
> Historicity, temporality, and politics in the cinema aesthetics of
> Deleuze, Rancière and Kracauer. Or-Om’s call to the children. The problem
> with social robots. An (anti)history of Rave. The life of a Swiss banker
> and fascist anti-imperialist. Considerations by Martin Auer. The Stepford
> wives and stereotypes of putative perfection. Noise and talk. A little
> potpourri about amok runners, mass homicide and 80s pop songs. Scratching
> means life. Mae Saslaw’s 10005. Kiki and Bubu and Orwell’s 1984.
> Cybernetics and whatever happened to it. The integrating of the Fringe.
> Witchcraft and lesbianism. The weirdness (and PR) of the wonders of Oz.
> Rachel Lovinger’s personal journey towards datameaningfulness. Revolution,
> ads and revolt. A pilot study on the philosophy of life of schizophrenics.
> Pro Asylum. Bird Ball. Medicine in the Dark Ages (humor, leeches, charms
> and prayers). Reflections about Ivan Grubanov and Paul Chan. Communism,
> anti-German criticism and Israel. Surprise findings. Hot, hard cocks and
> tight, tight unlubricated assholes. Dubbing (Casablanca and forged
> movies). The treatment of media in H. P. Lovecraft’s cosmic horror. The
> relationship of books and films explained via Capricorn One. Stories about
> our friends (e.g. whales). The history of Pinball machines. Italy and the
> incubation of fascism. Consider Phlebas and The Waste Land. The implicit
> ideology of media activism and its current opportunities. Urban Pilgrims
> touring Vienna. Ronald McDonald slapping a guy in the face. Text
> adventures. The Shining (Jack of all Trades, Master of None).
> Reappropriating architecture and playing with the built city. Recoding
> LOLcats. Sitcom as Endgame, Tatort out of the Volksempfänger (an attempt
> to understand the culture industry). Gender, race and film comedy. Neon
> Bible and its hidden agenda. The SNAFU principle and how hierarchies
> inhibit communication. The power of disposition over (global) space as a
> new dimension of class structuration. Lustgas. Stammlager 217 and Israel’s
> popular culture of the 1960s. Supertheory(TM). Adopt a highway. X-Wing
> penetration, dominatrix fathers and phallic light sabers. Europanto. The
> Unicorn and the Maiden. Leben macht Spass. How to build a magnificent
> Boom-Boom. Lots of reviews of deities, personalities, questions, states of
> mind, culture (as opposed to nature), nature (which cannot be divided from
> culture), words, social practise, future(s), technological artefacts,
> experiences, things on a keyboard, and matter. The short story of
> Pocahontas and Avatar. Walled World. Hacking the Spaces. Sally Grizzell
> Larson’s No. 29. The tyranny of structurelessness. Jack Kirby’s top 20
> creations. The need of Change (keep your coins). Fehler and Fairchild
> Semiconductor. Richka’s Answering Space and the question about Home. Worm.
> Future 42.0. Doctorow’s row-boat. Bare life innovation. A mnemonic of
> longing. Etiology of Romero-Fulci Disease (and the case for prions).
> Campaign for the abolition of personal pronouns. Yahooking. A
> social-centric, canine-inspired perspective on the placebo effect.
> Helpless machines and true loving caregivers. Information doesn’t work
> (that’s why we need information workers). The myth of Xanadu
> (reconsidered). John Wilcock and the Manhattan Memories. The Cult of Done.
> Looking at Gene Wilder. Sweet Home Alabama (and why diamonds are a girls
> worst nightmare). Pretesting the idea of apparative hermeneutics.
> Ignorantism. Artistic fears in the age of religious fundamentalism.
> Smoking against America. The Things of Eternity. After warfare in
> Yugoslavia (or: moral order of recognition). Existential game-show
> experiments. The epic of Gilgamesh. Mozart as public relations hype. Las
> Vegas and its casino traditions. Sikhs. Pornographic coding. Invader and
> public tiles. Splasher, street art and the Situationist International.
> MakerBot. Long live the porn flesh. The three rules of sidewalk junk
> giveaways. Melcus and his maps. Mister plomlompom’s embracing of
> post-privacy. Catty (the baseball player). John Duncan (in: Blind Date).
> Michayluk’s crush of worship of the copy. The Telecommunications History
> Group. monochrom’s initiative for the accomplishment of Total Population.
> The medieval agricultural year. Office Art. A cartoon that makes
> neoliberals laugh. A rough guide to number stations. The digital age and
> ubermorgen.com. Mobile phones and “for whom the SAR tolls”. A call for
> more science... and giant dinosaurs who bite each others head off.
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