ZinesFromOuterSpace READ: Tomorrow is ZiP02 deadline + 5MoF

Tony Longshanks LeTigre anthonyletigre at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 06:43:16 UTC 2012

Tomorrow is the submissions deadline for ZiP02
We have the list of contents pretty well wrapped up
I haven't heard confirmation from the people for the articles listed below.
Note the number of pages available for each piece. 1 page of ZiP = 400 or
500 words max. Or 300 word + an image or two. *Reminder: you can design the
layout for your pages yourself! If you're doing so please let me know asap.*

Dara - BIL Conference (3 pages) + Hacker Horoscopes (2 pages)
James - Code Hero Feature Part 2 (Interview or other piece relating to Code
Hero + the Kickstarter campaign, etc) (3 pages)
Vonguard - Games: The Made (i.e. THE MADE by the Man Who Made the Made)
(1-2 pages)
Martin M. - Review: David Graeber, "Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology"
(1 page)
Jesse Z - article about train-hopping in Vienna (something like that?) (1-2
Justin - Noisebridge Renaissance / Society column (1-2 pages)
Daniel J - Ayahuasca Symposium / related artice (3 pages)

Miloh's going to cover the *Raspberry Pi* article + Richard Stallman said
he had an opinion on the subject (nice)

*I could use help making the Hacker Crossword puzzle!* Anyone can pitch in.
This can be really fun. Just send me the clue + the answer
name/word/phrase. I'll post an image of the Crossword puzzle in progress

Richard Stallman got back to me saying the 17th or 19th would be best for
him interview-wise. *Who wants to help me conduct the interview w/ Stallman*?
Let me know asap along with which of those 2 dates would work best for you.

I plan to be here by 6pm Thursday to meet with any of the zinesters who are
around. Then 5MoF starts at 8pm.

After that it's just LAYOUT work for a week or 2 till we print! I'm going
to try 1984 <http://www.1984printing.com/>, the store in Oakland someone
tipped me about.
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