ZinesFromOuterSpace Send Me Your Questions for Richard Stallman!

glamortramp at riseup.net glamortramp at riseup.net
Fri Mar 16 23:55:22 UTC 2012

We're interviewing him Monday, I believe. Me + Jesse + Josh or 1 other.

Also, if you haven't contributed to the Hacker Crossword Puzzle yet, DON'T.

Also, if you haven't sent me your stuff yet or at checked in with me about
contributing an article to ZiP02, DON'T. It's full.

For the most part it's looking pretty good. No major flakeouts as of yet
which is awesome. This will be a great issue.

If you have checked with me & I know you're sending stuff & have reserved
pages for it, you're fine, but get me your stuff ASAP please. I have the
following pages reserved (I may have forgotten one or two so don't freak

Jesse - 1 page (something about train hopping in Vienna? I really liked
the idea of printing translations in progress too btw)
Daravinne - 3 pages for BIL Conference + 2 pages for Hacker Horoscopes
James - 3 pages for CODE HERO Feature Part Two + 1 page for Enema review;
can probably find room for the King Arthur's Gold article too
Alex - 1 page for ? something about cows
Josh - 3 pages for v68k emulator part two
Daniel J - 2-3 pages for Ayahuasca, PLEASE COMMUNICATE ASAP or this is
going to something else
Miloh - 1-2 pages for Raspberry Pi
Martin M - 1 page for Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology review
Justin - 0 pages b/c you still haven't sent me shit or an update

I'm going to share a new Google Doc for ZiP02 Contributors. Everyone
please correct your name as necessary for the way you want it to appear in
print. If you're using a pseudonym for your article in ZiP, note that, and
use the name you want us to print on you article submission.

Glam / Tony

Will be @ Noisebridge tomorrow (Saturday) + Sunday for Stallman (of
course). I will be doing layout work which anyone is welcome to sit in on
& help with.

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