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Daniel Jabbour daniel at psychedelicsf.org
Sat Mar 17 00:29:08 UTC 2012


I emailed yesterday. Did you get it? I asked for an extension till Sunday. Working hard on the article. 


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On Mar 16, 2012, at 4:55 PM, glamortramp at riseup.net wrote:

> We're interviewing him Monday, I believe. Me + Jesse + Josh or 1 other.
> Also, if you haven't contributed to the Hacker Crossword Puzzle yet, DON'T.
> Also, if you haven't sent me your stuff yet or at checked in with me about
> contributing an article to ZiP02, DON'T. It's full.
> For the most part it's looking pretty good. No major flakeouts as of yet
> which is awesome. This will be a great issue.
> If you have checked with me & I know you're sending stuff & have reserved
> pages for it, you're fine, but get me your stuff ASAP please. I have the
> following pages reserved (I may have forgotten one or two so don't freak
> out):
> Jesse - 1 page (something about train hopping in Vienna? I really liked
> the idea of printing translations in progress too btw)
> Daravinne - 3 pages for BIL Conference + 2 pages for Hacker Horoscopes
> James - 3 pages for CODE HERO Feature Part Two + 1 page for Enema review;
> can probably find room for the King Arthur's Gold article too
> Alex - 1 page for ? something about cows
> Josh - 3 pages for v68k emulator part two
> Daniel J - 2-3 pages for Ayahuasca, PLEASE COMMUNICATE ASAP or this is
> going to something else
> Miloh - 1-2 pages for Raspberry Pi
> Martin M - 1 page for Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology review
> Justin - 0 pages b/c you still haven't sent me shit or an update
> I'm going to share a new Google Doc for ZiP02 Contributors. Everyone
> please correct your name as necessary for the way you want it to appear in
> print. If you're using a pseudonym for your article in ZiP, note that, and
> use the name you want us to print on you article submission.
> Glam / Tony
> Will be @ Noisebridge tomorrow (Saturday) + Sunday for Stallman (of
> course). I will be doing layout work which anyone is welcome to sit in on
> & help with.

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