ZinesFromOuterSpace Anarchist Bookfair - this weekend

glamortramp at riseup.net glamortramp at riseup.net
Fri Mar 30 05:39:32 UTC 2012

Homes Not Jails is tabling at the anarchist bookfair this weekend in
Golden Gate Park. I was told I could show up & take part with them. I was
thinking I might print some early copies of ZiP02 to have there, but I
don't think it's going to happen, partly because it's hardly more than 24
hours away now & I don't think it's going to be print-ready by then, &
also because HNJ is firmly opposed to selling any product, so it would be
give-away only. Much as I'd like to do that, it's just not a reality we
can afford right now, I don't think. So we may have to sit this one out.

Sorry for being unavailable/noncommunicative lately. Life gets in the way.
I'm starting to feel a growing certainty that I'm going to move back to
Portland (home) next year, to help start HNJ up there, & of course to make
zines......beautiful zines.


Glam....or Tramp?

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