[Noisebridge-board] Insurance update

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Sat Nov 15 10:01:44 UTC 2008

David Molnar wrote:
> Pauline Nagata from MIF insurance has sent us two forms:
> First form: a notice that our underwriter is not based in CA and is not
> subject to some CA regulations.
> Second form: do we want terrorism coverage for $100 extra? This covers acts
> of terrorism that would otherwise be excluded under the policy, such as
> "nuclear events."
> Please take a quick look. I'll send the forms to her on Monday, then we can
> get the general liability out of the way.
> Pauline is also contacting the D&O underwriter.
> -David Molnar

I think everything looks good. I don't think we we need terrorism
insurance. Call me crazy, I guess. Lets get together to sign this soon?


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