[Noisebridge-board] hacker in residence

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Nov 19 03:38:20 UTC 2008

The below is what David & I slapped together, going through the 7
questions on Schedule H, etc (see Carol's email for the PDF).  Since
Carol also said she wasn't sure we needed to fill it out, but requested
more information first, we did not put any fine tuning on it.  I think
it should give her a good idea of what we mean, enough to let her judge
whether we need to put more work into it yet or not...

If you have any serious disagreements with the below, speak up. 
Otherwise Mitch can send this off for her perusal!


1.a. Describe the types of educational grants you provide to individuals
* stipend to cover living expenses for a period of time
1.b. Purpose & amount
* enable people with demonstrated record of achievement (or exceptional
promise) in Noisebridge's fields of interest to come to Noisebridge to
spend time studying, learning, and teaching with Noisebridge members and
members of the public.
* amount equal to a reasonable cost of living in the Bay Area for the
time period of the visit.  The visits are anticipated to be in the range
of one or two weeks, possibly very occasionally a month.
1.c. No
1.d. How the program is publicized
* advertise on our website
* advertise at local and international conferences
* notify sister organizations
1.e. Copies of solicitation or announcement materials
(we don't have any yet as we haven't started the program yet.  shall we
make some?)
1.f. Sample copy of the application

2. Yes we (will) maintain histories of recipients' names & addresses,
amounts, dates, field of applicants, selection decision process.

3. Eligibility
* anyone is eligible.

4.a. How we select applicants.
* once we have enough discretionary funds to fund the program
* we'll collect applications on a first-come-first-served basis
* the membership will have final say on the application
b. how to determine the number of annual grants
* applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis by the application
* when an application of special interest is found the committee will
present it to the membership with a recommendation of a stipend amount
c. how to determine the amount of each grant
* depends on how much money we have & how much time the applicant has
d. the recipient must teach a workshop at Noisebridge in their field of

5. Supervisory procedures.
* the stipends are likely to be small enough that we don't expect anyone
to need supervision
* in exceptional cases the membership may decide to discontinue the
award prematurely

6. selection committee
* we don't have one yet
* it will be some odd number of volunteers from the Noisebridge
* committee members will be replaced by new volunteers

7. are relatives eligible?  how do we get an unbiased selection?
* anyone is eligible.
* lack of bias is maintained because the full Noisebridge membership is
required to approve any given applicant

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