[Noisebridge-board] lease, insurance, folders: paperwork

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Nov 27 08:26:17 UTC 2008

Rachel McConnell wrote:

> Atop the folder pile was a letter from MILF insurance which says we're
> insured for D&O as of Nov 19, and they'll send the policy as soon as
> they receive it from the underwriter.  It turned out also to be an
> invoice with a balance due of $690.  I put this in the folder marked
> INSURANCE, which also contains another letter from them marked PAID by
> David.  (I admit to some confusion here, are they mischarging us?)

First off, thanks much for doing this!

They are not mischarging us. There are two policies.

Policy 1: General liability. This is PAID, for $1341 and change (I don't
have it off the top of my head.) I have an e-mail from Pauline Nagata
acknowledging payment that I should have sent to board@ earlier, I'll
forward it on now.

Policy 2: Directors and Officers. This is for $690. This is NOT PAID, I
will pay it soon, most probably by issuing a check using the Wells Fargo
web site. I meant to pay it earlier but some events got in the way.

As an aside, I still have the cheques. Mitch, I know I owe you a scanned
cheque. Unfortunately I can't have that to you earlier than this coming
Tuesday. Let me know if that's a big problem with PayPal and I'll work
something out.

We should at some point figure out who wants to hold cheques long term.
Mitch is the obvious person. I have them now and I'm happy to hold them.
We have enough for multiple people to have them. My only thing is I'd
rather not have them lying around the space, that's all.

> Finally, in a folder marked MISC is a letter notifying the landlord that
> they may be entitled to a refund of some fees based on the outcome of a
> class action lawsuit.  I will call Ahuva on Friday and mention this,
> unless I hear that someone else has already done so, or wishes to.

I have not done so, that would be great if you could do that.

-David Molnar

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