[Noisebridge-board] Re: Making Decisions and then backing out after concensus has been reached (was Re: Ick)

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Wed Oct 1 19:20:23 UTC 2008

Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> David Molnar wrote:
>> Rachel McConnell wrote:
>>> Upon morning consideration, I have to agree about the keys at least. 
>>> I am also not completely comfortable giving a key to anyone who asks. 


  I think it's totally fair to say that this is an issue that needs
> further discussion. We cannot change the fact that the group feels we
> reached a consensus. Nor that we reported the consensus. If you don't
> feel that way, you need to speak up during the process and be a blocker.
> Please!
> I think it's worth noting that it's _already_ been decided. If we as a
> board want to change this, we need to discuss internally before we state
> this change in public. Furthermore, we may want to present this issue to
> the membership and let it be discussed on list. Just because two people
> feel uncomfortable doesn't mean that we change the policy. There's three
> to a quorum and we're supposed to vote for the will of the members who
> think that we've _already_ reached a consensus.

We are not yet a membership organization.  I personally am responsible
for this space.  Until Noisebridge is a legal CA Nonprofit Corporation
and can protect me, it is not reasonable to let these other, legally
uninvolved persons, make that decision for me.

I'm not making this decision as a board member, but as a personally
liable individual, and I have tried to be as clear as possible about that.

Lots more to say about this that can wait until tonight.


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