[Noisebridge-board] Re: Making Decisions and then backing out after concensus has been reached (was Re: Ick)

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Wed Oct 1 19:44:29 UTC 2008

Rachel McConnell wrote:
> Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
>> David Molnar wrote:
>>> Rachel McConnell wrote:
>>>> Upon morning consideration, I have to agree about the keys at least.
>>>> I am also not completely comfortable giving a key to anyone who asks. 
> <snip/>
>  I think it's totally fair to say that this is an issue that needs
>> further discussion. We cannot change the fact that the group feels we
>> reached a consensus. Nor that we reported the consensus. If you don't
>> feel that way, you need to speak up during the process and be a blocker.
>> Please!
>> I think it's worth noting that it's _already_ been decided. If we as a
>> board want to change this, we need to discuss internally before we state
>> this change in public. Furthermore, we may want to present this issue to
>> the membership and let it be discussed on list. Just because two people
>> feel uncomfortable doesn't mean that we change the policy. There's three
>> to a quorum and we're supposed to vote for the will of the members who
>> think that we've _already_ reached a consensus.
> We are not yet a membership organization.  I personally am responsible
> for this space.  Until Noisebridge is a legal CA Nonprofit Corporation
> and can protect me, it is not reasonable to let these other, legally
> uninvolved persons, make that decision for me.

Hrm. It appears that you're under the mistaken impression that things
become less legally risky fo rus when we're a legal 501c3. This is not
the case.

Furthermore, I am legally involved. :-)

This is why our positions of supposed "power" aren't really attractive
to people. They carry risk, always.

Will we wait until the board has insurance before issuing keys? Where
does this stop? And once we've reached consensus again, what happens?
Can someone just back out? Or just this time?

> I'm not making this decision as a board member, but as a personally
> liable individual, and I have tried to be as clear as possible about that.
> Lots more to say about this that can wait until tonight.

I totally understand. I make this same decision in the opposite
direction, I guess. It seems reasonable to be blocking on the keys for
now but it's also reasonable to make exceptions so that we can move the
entire space and organization ahead.


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