[Noisebridge-board] Board meeting - Thursday evening?

David Molnar dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
Thu Oct 2 20:07:06 UTC 2008

Jacob Appelbaum wrote:
> Andy Isaacson wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 02, 2008 at 11:54:40AM -0700, Noah Balmer wrote:
>>> The earliest two hour block I can do is saturday.  Is 11:00AM ok?
>> works for me.
> I'll have to phone in if this is the meeting time. It looks like I have
> to attend to some business in Southern California (related to day job)
> Friday-Sunday.
> I would really like today or Monday (afternoon or before 8pm) for an in
> person meeting. I suspect that today is right out (for good reason) and
> Monday may be too delayed for some people.

I agree that the membership intake agreements can be drafted over 
e-mail. I do think we need an in-person meeting to discuss things before 
next Tuesday.

Today does not work for me. Saturday would work, but let me know as I'll 
be rescheduling other things. Sunday works, although I was planning to 
attend the Babyland show at the DNA at 8pm. Monday I have meetings 2-3 
and 6-7 in Berkeley but otherwise free. I need about an hour of travel 
time between SF and Berkeley.

I would encourage you all to go ahead without me if there's a time that 
works for everyone but me. I'm happy to help take notes and chime in, 
but I'm not on the board and I don't want to block progress.

-David Molnar

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