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David Molnar dmolnar at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 22:23:41 UTC 2008

We can discuss these, then I will fill out and return.

Some things that pop out
  - I believe "Applicant" means "Noisebridge"
  - They want us to list fundraisers we might hold - ideas?
  - There is a question about whether we provide internet services to the
public. the public phone idea may qualify,

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Thanks for information.  Please complete and return the attached

Also, I have attached a Directors & Officers Liability Application in the
event that you want to start that process now as well.


Bill Bergstrom



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Hope you are doing well. I was referred to you by NAIC. I am with a new
California nonprofit, Noisebridge, dedicated to art and technology projects.
We are a membership nonprofit that offers workshops to the public, with
roughly 40-60 members. We are a California Public Benefit Non-Profit
applying for 501c3 status. You can learn more about us at our web page:

We recently closed a lease on our first space at 83C Wiese Street, San
Francisco, CA 94103 . We are now looking to purchase the following insurance

* General Liability / Commercial Package - $1MM total, $500k per occurrence,
landlord named as additional, landlord requests subrogation
* Property/Theft - $1000 deductible, replacement costs of $15K. We want to
cover noisebridge property at a minimum. We may be interested in covering a
small amount of member property left in our space depending on the price.
* Directors and Officers - $1MM total

We have no employees at this time, so we do not need workers' compensation.
We hope to quickly obtain insurance to start operations. Please contact me
via e-mail at dmolnar at gmail.com or via phone at 617 905 5220 and I will be
happy to provide any details or answer any questions.  I have appended some
information about the property below.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon,
-David Molnar

Property information

Address: 83C Wiese Street, San Francisco, CA  94103

Year built: 2000
Square footage: 1000
Construction: Wood frame
Fire alarm: No, we do have 3 fire extinguishers
Floor: tile and concrete, not combustible
Ceiling: wood beams, combustible
Stories: 1 plus loft  - no basement
Burglar alarm: No
Sprinklers: No
Less than 5 miles from fire station: Yes
Less than 1000 feet from fire hydrant: Yes
Do we maintain common areas like sidewalks: No
Number of basements: 0
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