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> Mitch Altman wrote:


> > 

> > We need to do some bureaucratic stuff. David, can you take a look at that?


> I'll take a look at this. I'll coordinate with Carol as needed.

> > 

> > Also, David, do we need to file some other form very soon? You told me about it at the weekly meeting 

a couple weeks ago -- I can't remember the due date, but I remember it was very soon.


> I was mistaken about the date. I thought it was 5 April, it's actually

> not due until May. This is for the following forms:


> 1) Form 990, 990-EZ, or 990-N with the IRS.

> 2) Form RRF-1 with the Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts


I'm glad we have a little more time.  But we should get that together with some breathing space, if possible.  I'll be leaving town on the 15th for 7 weeks, and my email may be a bit spotty while traveling.







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