[Noisebridge-board] Board position open

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Fri Apr 17 20:21:03 UTC 2009

I have Noah's resignation letter in hand.  David I should have given it
to you last night but I was fried and didn't think to.  Let me know when
you'll be there next and I'll meet you.

I still have to re-look up what the details are legally for notification
and voting, but I was thinking of a process like this:

1. announce on Announce & Discuss & IRC & a Tues meeting that there is a
board position open
2. take nominations on a wiki page for X time (4 weeks unless that is
Not Enough per the CA law)
3. verify with the nominated people that they're up for the job & freeze
the page
4. pick a Tuesday far enough in advance per Law and schedule the election
5. notify all current members via email or phone, whatever we have for them
6. talk to people to get a sense of whether we'll have a quorum present
or whether I need to set up a more complicated voting process than hand

Let me know if you think I've left out anything important.  I'll try to
get to the research this weekend and make the announcements next
Tuesday, but it may get pushed off a week.


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