[Noisebridge-board] keys at 2169 Mission

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Mon Aug 10 08:16:38 UTC 2009

Hi Henry,

We have done some rearranging of the doors and gates upstairs, to allow
easier access for the Noisebridge build team and our plumbing
contractor.  Specifically, we rekeyed all the front locks on the third
floor (but not the rear door locks) to use the same key.  I need to give
you copies of this key so that you have them and can get in with your

I'm in San Francisco daily for work, and I can meet to give you a couple
keys pretty much any time this week (I think you said you are in SF?)
Otherwise I could mail or FedEx a set if you give me an address.

Let me know what works for you,


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