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Mitch Altman maltman23 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 21 17:09:07 UTC 2009

FYI, here's an email I got from Gina today.








> Date: Tue, 21 Jul 2009 00:10:51 -0700
> From: cleansavings at lmi.net
> To: maltman23 at hotmail.com
> Subject: Proposal for cleaning
> Hi Mitch,
> Hope you're well out there in Mitch Land.
> If you remember, I asked if we could meet at the space to evaluate how 
> and where the cleaning is going. If you're still interested in that, 
> here are some thoughts to get started. If you want to forward this to 
> the group, pls let me know first, in case I want to change something. 
> Thanks!
> We agreed I'm paid to clean every two weeks, for 4 3/4 hours*. I'm now 
> cleaning every week for 5+ hours. As you know, I have not been charging 
> for the additional hours, in exchange for field-testing green cleaning 
> practices in your space. And the space really needs that weekly cleaning.
> At this time, my field-testing is mostly over, so I won't be able to 
> continue the freebies.
> So you'll need to decide if you want to continue the additional 
> cleaning. And if so, whether NB members will volunteer, or if you'd hire 
> out.
> Think about what your budget is for cleaning beyond what you're already 
> paying for. If someone else will be cleaning, I can continue every other 
> week for now, and show someone else how to use the supplies you have (if 
> that's what everyone wants). And at some point, someone else can 
> completely take over.
> 1
> Pay for two more full visits per month, doubling your costs.
> 2
> Have mini "In-Between Cleanings" in the alternate weeks. Hire out, or 
> have members take turns volunteering. I'm attaching an Excel spreadsheet 
> with daily and weekly mini- tasks, The space needs more work than is on 
> the sheet (and I do much more that that anyway) but I kept it to what it 
> seems the members might barely tolerate if your budget is extra tight. 
> (I may have way-underestimated the times, since I'm bleary-eyed right now)
> I can do two more "In-Between Cleanings". (Unless I'm suddenly asked to 
> do another paying project. It's a small possibility. I'll keep you 
> posted.) One option for the last two freebies: Full cleanings. Or only 
> the items I listed on this spreadsheet. I can track the time it takes 
> for each task, and the total. You can use the results to decide what you 
> want on an ongoing basis..
> Is this something to discuss at your meeting?
> * I've actually been cleaning over 5 hours per visit. The rug saved time 
> (Thanks!!!), but there are still preventable factors that have been 
> adding time. For example:
> — The walls, kitchen cabinets and floors are porous. That makes them 
> dirt sponges that resist cleaning, and are getting worse with more 
> traffic. Some repainting is needed, with washable paint , and the floors 
> need machine-scrubbing. But I know you'll be moving. I'd be glad to look 
> at the new space, to alert you on any cheap fixes to minimize cleaning 
> expenses. No charge for the time.
> — The poor vacuum I loaned is taking increasingly more time and labor to 
> use. You'll save labor expenses with a more effecient HEPA vacuum. I'm 
> now testing the red HEPA I brought in (another loan).
> Thanks again for all your business! Gina
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