[Noisebridge-board] board members

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Sun Jul 26 01:56:42 UTC 2009

Mitch Altman wrote:
>> Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 17:20:44 -0700
>> From: dmolnar at eecs.berkeley.edu
>> To: board at lists.noisebridge.net
>> Subject: Re: [Noisebridge-board] secretary transition plans
>> Rachel McConnell wrote:
>> > Speaking of the board member election, I've been kind of blocked on how
>> > we should decide between Shannon or Miloh, who are both excellent
>> > candidates. I don't really want to have a vote... one possibility is to
>> > offer the director post to one and the secretary post to the other, if
>> > nobody has yet talked to Seth. Another possibility is to simply have
>> > two new directors, as we're allowed to have up to 11. We don't really
>> > need them but whatever.
>> >
>> > I kinda tend towards asking the membership to confirm them both as
>> > directors, and dealing with the secretary issue separately. Anyone have
>> > any objections to this?
>> >
>> I agree with this. The qualifications for secretary are different than
>> for being a board member, and we really want someone who we know will do
>> a great job at handling boring paperwork. Whether they are a board
>> member or not is secondary.
>> I'd love to have both Shannon and Miloh on the board. The only concern I
>> have is that will leave us with an even number of directors, so we'd
>> have a problem in case of anything that came to a tied vote. Maybe
>> that's not a problem worth worrying about.
> I'm fine with having an even number on the board.  Especially with the
> people we currently have, plus Shannon and Miloh.
> Alternatively, we could ask the two of them if what they'd like to do. 
> I could be the one to ask.

I'm pretty sure they're both fine with this.  I'll verify this and start
moving forward again with the election process, as I did promise to
handle it.  (I've been a bit distracted with the whole moving issue and
other things lately.)


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