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> Rachel McConnell wrote:
> > Speaking of the board member election, I've been kind of blocked on how
> > we should decide between Shannon or Miloh, who are both excellent
> > candidates. I don't really want to have a vote... one possibility is to
> > offer the director post to one and the secretary post to the other, if
> > nobody has yet talked to Seth. Another possibility is to simply have
> > two new directors, as we're allowed to have up to 11. We don't really
> > need them but whatever.
> >
> > I kinda tend towards asking the membership to confirm them both as
> > directors, and dealing with the secretary issue separately. Anyone have
> > any objections to this?
> > 
> I agree with this. The qualifications for secretary are different than
> for being a board member, and we really want someone who we know will do
> a great job at handling boring paperwork. Whether they are a board
> member or not is secondary.
> I'd love to have both Shannon and Miloh on the board. The only concern I
> have is that will leave us with an even number of directors, so we'd
> have a problem in case of anything that came to a tied vote. Maybe
> that's not a problem worth worrying about.
> David Molnar
> > 
> >> It's not an easy job and whoever takes it on must do so with a solid
> >> dedication. David has done it with grace and diligence, I propose we
> >> also thank him in some way for his totally awesome contribution...
> >> 
> >
> > Absolutely! David you're fantastic and we will miss you personally as
> > well as in your official capacity.
> >
> > Rachel


I'm fine with having an even number on the board.  Especially with the people we currently have, plus Shannon and Miloh.



Alternatively, we could ask the two of them if what they'd like to do.  I could be the one to ask.



Lemme know what you all think.





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