[Noisebridge-board] A model we use that might not be best...

Christie Dudley longobord at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 19:19:49 UTC 2009

One of the things I was thinking about is a comment someone made last night
about how we'll be watched to see if we are taking in donations from
"community" or just from members.  I was also thinking about an idea I
bounced off Rachel about throwing a party as a fundraiser.  I've started
conversations with some people about maybe doing something at Cellspace.
They'd of course want money up front for the space and I was musing over
where that money would come from.

The way we've been doing it with things like T-shirts and so forth is that a
NB member has fronted the money for the fund raising activity and then
donated the proceeds to Noisebridge.  Now, while this pretty much works for
us, I'm willing to wager it doesn't look so good for the IRS.  If we
continue with this model, we will only have donations from members for
things that require money up front to accomplish, which is everything of any
size at all.  Is this something we would want to address?


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