[Noisebridge-board] Re: Ian's last name?

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Tue May 5 16:14:18 UTC 2009

I already do this when I'm at a meeting with new members.  Unless I get
distracted, of course... But I have come to the conclusion it will be a
lot smoother to get contact info when they fill out the form in the
first place.  Also, we should have the induction date on the form.  Any
objection if I make these changes to it?  I don't think it's a big
enough change to need general consensus, do you all agree?


Mitch Altman wrote:
> Looks like we need to come up with a system for keeping track of members
> better.  When someone becomes a member at a meeting, we should have some
> way of ensuring we get their contact info -- if we had a simple
> procedure for ensuring we getting the info that day (if they're
> present), that would probably be best.  Like, the secretary and
> treasurer and maybe the ED (or people filling these roles at the
> meeting) could talk to the new member, welcome them to Noisebridge, ask
> them for their contact info, and let them know how to pay dues?  Nothing
> too formal, but this could let new members feel like they know what's
> going on, and also get the info we're required to have by law, as well
> as ensure that when it's time for a vote that we have a way we know they
> are informed.
> Mitch.

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