[Noisebridge-board] Unknown PG&E Bill

Jeffrey Malone treasurer at noisebridge.net
Sat Nov 21 16:43:18 UTC 2009


This was received a week ago for a PG&E bill that is not for 2169 Mission
I made an attempt to figure out the details of this the following day, but
have not heard any response, so I'm going to extend my plea to all those who
have bank account access.

What this is, is an automatic bill-pay for paying a PG&E account.  As each
Wells Fargo Bank online login maintains separate bill-pay info, I have no
idea who has this configured, or really any information about it other than
what is in the notification email.

As said, this is not for 2169 Mission St to my knowledge -- I have two
statements from PG&E for 2169 Mission St, and neither are for this amount or
near the purported due date.
It is possible that this is a weird oddity from the closed account for 83c,
and no funds are actually about to be paid.  Presently, no funds have been
paid regarding this.

So, if you have a login to the bank account, please go and check to make
sure you don't have a PG&E payment listed anywhere!


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Wells Fargo Online <Billpay at wellsfargo.com>
Date: Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 12:05 PM
Subject: Wells Fargo Bill Pay Notification
To: treasurer at noisebridge.net

*November 14, 2009*
 *Bill Summary*  *PACIFIC GAS & ELECTRIC (PG&E)* *Current Balance* *Minimum
Amount Due* *Due Date*  (PACIFIC GAS & EL) -$114.05 -$114.05 11/09/2009
You are receiving this eBill email notice per your request. Please take the
following steps if you no longer wish to receive this email notice:
1. Sign on to the Bill Pay service
2. Click on your desired payee on the Bill Pay Overview page
3. Click on Edit in the eBill Options section
4. Uncheck the email option, "Email me when the eBill has been received"

   If you have any questions about your Bill Pay service or need assistance,
please sign on to Wells Fargo Online Banking and click "Contact Us" to send
a secured email. If you prefer, you can call us anytime at 1-800-956-4442.

Wells Fargo
Online Customer Service
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