[Noisebridge-board] 501(c)(3) application on the NB site

Rachel McConnell rachel at xtreme.com
Thu Aug 19 07:32:15 UTC 2010

Thanks for bringing this to the top of the attention sea again.  Last I
recall, I could not upload the PDFs I made to the NB wiki because of the
file upload size limit.  Andy we had some communication about this,
maybe you were waiting for me to tell you how big the files were so you
could increase the limit?

These are the files:

form-1023-application_for_exemption.pdf   8.7 MB
form-1023-checklist.pdf                   918 KB
form-1023-attachment.pdf                 27.6 MB

That last one is 22 pg long, it's the explanation of all the stuff we
had done up to that time, emails about setting up workshops, etc.  I do
have a copy of the same thing that's only 9.2 MB, which is the original
scan with addresses of the initial board of directors, which the 27M one
has got blacked out... I have no idea why the one is so much bigger than
the other as they were done on the same scanner.  Anyone with ideas on
this is welcome to pipe up.


Mitch Altman wrote:
> Hi Rachel,
> Before I left for my current round of travels you scanned the 501(c)(3)
> application, and said you'd get it up on our NB website.
> Several people from way cool hackerspaces applying for 501(c)(3) have
> been asking me if they could see our 501(c)(3) application on this
> trip.  Any chance we can get it up on the site so others can benefit
> from it?
> Best,
> Mitch.

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